Returns Policy

Our furniture and kitchens are manufactured by our own skilled craftsmen.

We use only top quality kiln-dried pine sourced from properly managed and sustainable forests. Wherever possible we specify supplies from forests within the Arctic Circle as here the trees are slow growing producing a denser and better grade of timber.

As with any natural product, even the best grades of timber will have inherent flaws such as knots and shakes (minor and insignificant cracks on the surface of the wood). Although we use kiln dried timber, in today’s centrally heated houses pine will also be susceptible to a certain amount of shrinkage as the timber further dries out. If the timber dries out too quickly this can also result in some splitting or twisting so please treat your furniture with respect and try and avoid exposure to direct heat or sunlight.

When supplying furniture or kitchens in a hand waxed finish the above flaws should not be viewed as a problem as it really is just part of the aging process by which each and every piece develops its own unique character. For instance, if a door panel shrinks slightly this can easily be rectified by simply applying a small amount of wax polish using a soft lint free cloth. We do supply the wax polish and in any event we recommend that every piece is given a periodical polish in order to maintain its sheen and help to build up its own rich patina.

When supplying furniture or kitchens in painted finishes some of the flaws that enhance the appearance of hand waxed pine can look more unsightly and for that reason we like to use MDF in any door or decorative panels. MDF is a man-made product that it is more stable than pine and it therefore helps to reduce the likelihood of shrinkage or splitting.

We also offer the option of tulipwood door and side frames. Although more expensive than pine, tulipwood is a more stable timber and it therefore also helps reduce the risk of the natural shrinking, splitting or twisting that pine is susceptible to. Tulipwood is also relatively knot free so it lends itself perfectly to painting.

Please appreciate that when we paint our furniture, be it pine or tulipwood, we are not trying to achieve the high gloss or shiny veneered look of modern kitchens and furniture. We do not try to hide the natural beauty of the wood we simply try to enhance it!

We specialise in good quality, traditional hand-crafted furniture that is built to last. However, because we use natural materials there will unavoidably be some natural imperfections. Please view these not as defects but instead as an inherent part of the individual character of your furniture.

The availability of stock timber sizes has an effect on our manufacturing process and as most items are handcrafted the sizes shown are only intended to be a guide. We may also occasionally alter or slightly change the design of items. We cannot accept these as faults and reserve the right to make such changes without prior notice.

Orders must be cancelled in writing, preferably via email. However, once the manufacturing process has started, orders cannot be cancelled.

Regrettably, if furniture is purchased In The White (unfinished) then once a finish is applied we cannot accept returns unless there is a manufacturing defect.

Having said all of the above, in the unlikely event that we make a mistake and there is a man made manufacturing defect, within the first year we offer a no quibble replacement guarantee. All we ask is that you call us as soon as possible to explain the problem (if we are unsure or do not understand your complaint we may ask you to email or post a picture showing the defect). If the problem is down to us we will let you have a replacement within a maximum 6 weeks. We are a friendly family run business and we will always try to be fair with our customers. Customer satisfaction is paramount to us we would like to supply you with furniture for many years to come!