Made In Yorkshire

All Wolds Furniture is made in-house by our skilled team of employees. We use only the highest quality, sustainably-sourced materials and build with traditional, time-tested joinery techniques.

Workshop team looking at pieces of wood.
Woman speaking to a joiner in the workshop
Workshop team looking at plans for a kitchen
Joiners stood around a workbench examining a kitchen plan.

Sustainable Sourcing

The environment is high on our agenda at Wolds. We’re mindful of the materials we use and the life cycle of our products:

  • All Wolds kitchens and interiors are made from responsibly sourced, natural timber

  • Our timber is approved by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) – this means it has been sourced sustainably from suppliers who share our commitment to zero deforestation, fair wages, biodiversity protection and community rights

  • While timber is fully recyclable, our commitment to quality means that all Wolds products are highly durable and built to last a lifetime

  • Damages can be easily repaired and our products can be reinvented for future with repainting and a change of ironmongery

  • All Wolds products are proudly handmade and hand-painted locally in Yorkshire.
Wood stacked in a workshop